Fab Find

I found a new favourite drink in Lidl this week.  It is part of Rubicons Exotic Fruit Juice range and is a blend of pineapple and coconut.  Perfect as a Virgin Colada.

Just from a quick look around on the web it is also available in cases of 12 from Amazon and 1lt tetrapaks from Bargain Booze for less than £1 each.

I will definitely be trying some other blends in the range soon http://www.rubiconexotic.com/



Spring is springing

Today my daughter chose herself a (pink of course) hyacinth plant to keep in her bedroom and I bought some mini daffodils that were just showing the first signs of life so I feel all spring like.  Nothing says spring more than some daffodils to me.

Our garden designers have just been around to talk to us about the major tree surgery that will be happening on Monday and the replacement trees.

We dismissed our current house based on the estate agency write-up and very poor photos and it was only when we were driving around that I actually saw the plot the house was sitting in.  You would have thought that the estate agency might have mentioned the 3/4 of an acre plot (partially woodland) and had more than one photo of it no?  Actually the photo was of the garage and driveway so technically none of the garden itself.

It is just too big a plot for me and my husband to even contemplate what and how we would plan what we wanted so after an internet trawl we eventually found a local firm of garden designers who have done a marvellous job and the first phase of planting is about to commence so it’s all very exciting.

One of the new trees will be a Strawberry Tree – I’d personally never heard of them or seen one before but apparently they were in some parts of the UK before the ice-age.  When it grows up a bit we will be looking down at the canopy of it (and all its strange spiked fruit) from our master bedroom.


We will be adding ‘offspring’ to a beautiful mature silver birch and a lonely ornamental cherry.  The bark on the birch trees will add a lot of winter texture and the cherry trees will be different species to get the widest flowering window.  I love cherry blossom and the way it snows on the grass like confetti.

Lists lists lists

Is anyone else a list maker?

As it’s the start of the year (ish) I’ll start off with a list!

Craft List

I’m primarily a card maker and set myself a budget of £100 per year to buy supplies.  I usually split it into £25 per quarter unless there is a big purchase I need to make.  I’ve already eaten into my budget for the first quarter by buying a Speedball brayer and some Indigoblu guilding supplies.

  1. Dye ink pad – possibly Big n Juicy multicoloured one to use with my new brayer
  2. Stamps – I have more than enough but seem to buy new ones everyear regardless so may as well put them on my list
  3. Card blanks/cardstock – can never have enough
  4. Patterned paper – ditto
  5. Letterpress ink – I have the starter kit and would like to try some different ink to black

I make around 100 cards a year and my five year old shares my [cheaper] supplies to make the odd card too.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog 1008 Hollywalk Park.

I’ve been thinking of starting this blog since the turn of the year and have a day off work with a snotty child so thought I’d crack on and actually write something so I don’t have to watch kids TV.

My first thought about this blog was to track progress during a dolls house renovation project (that I haven’t even started yet) but it will probably have some card making, interior design, fashion, beauty and children posts in there too.

Enjoy reading,