Lists lists lists

Is anyone else a list maker?

As it’s the start of the year (ish) I’ll start off with a list!

Craft List

I’m primarily a card maker and set myself a budget of £100 per year to buy supplies.  I usually split it into £25 per quarter unless there is a big purchase I need to make.  I’ve already eaten into my budget for the first quarter by buying a Speedball brayer and some Indigoblu guilding supplies.

  1. Dye ink pad – possibly Big n Juicy multicoloured one to use with my new brayer
  2. Stamps – I have more than enough but seem to buy new ones everyear regardless so may as well put them on my list
  3. Card blanks/cardstock – can never have enough
  4. Patterned paper – ditto
  5. Letterpress ink – I have the starter kit and would like to try some different ink to black

I make around 100 cards a year and my five year old shares my [cheaper] supplies to make the odd card too.


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