Is it going to be an expensive day?

By chance I was just looking at my Amazon wish-list and saw this was reduced:

LITTLE BIRD - Three Tier Cake Plate / Afternoon Tea Stand

I’ve tried ordering it from a different company in the past but my credit card just wouldn’t work with their site.  I thought it was a bit pricey when I ‘found’ it again on Amazon and just by luck it was reduced this morning.  I just hope that my husband doesn’t find any of his wish-list reduced – he’s been after a TV to go in the playroom but I’ve been stubborn and told him to move one we already have in there.  His wish-list definitely has more expensive toys on that mine!

I shall look forward to having a lovely posh afternoon tea from it… I might have to buy some lovely rose tea today too.


Craft Stash Additions

Look what I’m expecting in the post soon *happy dance*

Core’dinations Whitewash Cut & Emboss Pad £3.99

I missed out on this when it was first released in 12×12 sheets.  I have an idea for a Jubilee themed card using the red.

Kaisercraft Birdcage stamp £2.99

I already have a tiny bird stamp so I can layer up in different colours or maybe cut out a foam heart and use that as a shadow stamp inside the cage?  Oooh, what about a ribbon on the top of the cage.  Hopefully lots of possibilities.

Dovecraft Tea Party twine £1.99

I hope some of the core’dinations card will go with these.


All from who have free UK shipping this weekend.

Birthday Cards

Just some simple colouring of Penny Black stamped images matted and layered.  The images themselves make these cards don’t you think?

I generally pick the backing papers out of my stash and colour the images to suit the colour mix.  If the backing paper has white in the pattern then I might put it on a coordinating coloured card blank otherwise I tend to put it on a white card blank to tie in card the image is stamped on.  I’ve not yet invested in any Pro Markers but to be honest I’m happy enough colouring with pencil crayons.  There are a few sellers on eBay that will sell mixed packs of stamped images ready to colour in yourself – a great way of getting something slightly different in your stash without spending too much money or aren’t that accomplished with stamping.

I’m a big fan of matting and layering and tend to hover around the five layers shown in the examples below.  I’ve no idea why to but it works for me.

Layer 1: Card blank

Layers 2/3/4: Patterned papers and plain coloured card

Layer 5: Stamped image and gems

Milky Glitter Sandwich Manicure

I purchased a bottle of Technic ‘Carnival’ the other day.  It’s apparently a very good dupe of OPI Rainbow Connection only with a much smaller price tag (I paid less than £2.50 delivered from Amazon).  I was going to use it for some glitter tips but when it arrived I though it was perfect to do a glitter sandwich manicure.  As the name suggests the glitter polish is basically sandwiched between layers of nail polish.

Base: Chanel Ballerina

Middle: Technic Carnival

Top: Chanel Ballerina (two coats as it’s very sheer)

Verdict: Another very simple manicure.  If you can paint your nails reasonably neatly then you could try this with whatever ‘bread and fillings’ you have in your collection.  I shall be trying it with some brighter colours in the near future.

March (5 year old girls) Bookshelf

I suppose I couldn’t leave out what is on my daughters bookshelf for this month could I?  She is a very girly girl and adores all things fairy.  Thankfully the local library has a seemingly endless supply of the Daisy Meadows Rainbow Magic Fairies.

The bag is her ‘library bag’ and I keep steering her away from getting the maximum ten books she can get out at once.

If you haven’t read any of these (they are all the same with the a different fairy name it seems) the plot is that Jack Frost and his goblins steal magic objects from the fairies and two [human] best friends help the fairies to get the objects back and save both the human world and the fairy world.  Hurrah.

March bookshelf

After deliberating for a while I’ve given in and bought The Hunger Games (book 1) before my husband decides he wants to see it at the cinema.  I hate reading a book after watching the film.

The Hunger Games

I manged to catch it when it was under £3 on Kindle the other day and I’m already 80% of the way through.  It’s a great fast paced action read. 

I thought I ‘deserved’ it for plodding my way through Eve Green last week. 

Eve Green

That’s a bit disturbing/depressing if you’re into that kind of book.  I’ve passed it on to my mother in law who said she didn’t mind reading something a bit different to her normal genre.  I’m determined not to buy any new books in April… or at least until I’ve read four books I already have waiting to be read instead of buying more.

Cheesy choppy chippies

Well BBC Good Food call them Cheesy chops & chips but I prefer my name for them.  I made this one pot dish for Sunday lunch and it was such lovely weather we all ate in the garden.  It is quite unusual for a recipe to look anything like the photos but this one honestly does!

As per some of the comments I added some grated apple into the topping.  It’s a take on Welsh Rarebit I suppose and so quick to put together.  I used new potatoes so I didn’t have to faff about peeling and zipped them in a Magimix food processor to cut them all in under a minute.  I also just added the liquid to the baking tray rather than putting them in a bowl first – that would have just made more washing up.