I love discounts

Yay, there was a discount on one of my craft wishlist items:

Big & Juicy Rainbow Dye Inkpad 5 Colors-Vibrant Primary

I’ve got a lot of cards to make this weekend – wonder if it’ll arrive in time for me to have a good play?

Very also offered me £20 off a £50 spend which I couldn’t refuse so I’m collecting these from a local newsagents shop tomorrow:

Organza Shawl

They are Clarks Organza sandals and come in tan, black or bone.  All the reviews I’ve seen say they are really comfortable so fingers crossed.


One thought on “I love discounts

  1. Sandals are great and I’ve even managed to wear them a couple of times already.

    Ink pad not so good. Well to be fair it wasn’t the ink pads fault. I had a play and got some good images but unfortunately when I went to make up some Mothers Day cards at the weekend the image had faded and dissapeared! Perhaps a combination of the sun through the window and the type of glossy card I used but pouffe gone. I might have to try out an alternative supply for the glossy paper next time.

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