Nail Polish

I own a fair few nail polishes.  My husband would say too many but as my total is under the 100 bottles mark I disagree!  My polishes were collected over a span of 10 years and I thought it about time to organize them somehow.  I flitted with the idea of a stand like these

 Avonstar classic range nail varnish rack (cosmetic white)

from Amazon, £21.50 plus P&P, but weighed up how many new polishes I’ve be able to buy for that kind of price (especially as I’d need more than one) and decided I’d stick with my current gift box storage.  I did however purchase some nail practice wheels so I could swatch my collection and practice some nail art too.  They were dirt cheap from ebay so soon I shall be able to glance at all “my precious” colours.  The post from Hong Kong is either surprisingly quick or really slow so not sure when I’ll get a group photo sorted but I’m looking forward to it in a nail polish addict kind of way.

I’ll use this blog to chart my nail art progress and I think it’s reallistic to do one per month perhaps.  Starting with glittered sponged tips in March and possibly working my way up to water marbling!


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