What do you love to read?  I use the Kindle app on my iPhone or buy collections from The Book People when they have special offers on.  I can rarely bring myself to pay more than £5 for a book and thankfully like reading the free classics on Kindle.  I’ve recently read Stephen King 11.22.63 as the reviews said it was on par with his early writing but I was a bit dissapointed in truth.  It has prompted me to dig out the JFK DVD though so when I’ve got a spare three hours I’ll sit down and watch that.  I read the first ten books in the Sookie Stackhouse/True blood series a year back (they are short and easier to read so you can quickly whip through them) and decided to read another in the series after such a heavy Stephen King book.  I’ve just put down The Stepford Wives and started Eve Green (nearly crying already and only just got past the first chapter).  Not sure what to go onto next but I quite fancy The Hunger Games?


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