I had heard of Weleda long before I actually used any of their products.  I subscribed to Red Magazine this time last year and got some free products with my subscription and absolutely loved it.  So far I’ve tried the following:

Pomegranate Body Oil

Love, love, love, love, love this and as an added bonus (and unexpected side effect) it reduced my cellulite with regular use.  I tend to suffer from dry skin on my shins and have tried all sorts in the past and oils tend to be the only thing that work.  Smells delicious and a little goes a long way leaving a light sheen to the body.

Pomegranate Handcream

Lovely smell and it does the job.  I like that it sinks in quickly and it’s a good everyday handcream that leaves the skin feeling supple.  Probably not my holy grail handcream so I’ll keep trying others when this runs out.  For now it’s in my drawer at work and gets used daily.

Pomegranate Shower Cream

I like that the shower creams are in the same fragrances as some of the other products but I wasn’t blown away by it – just did its job I suppose but I was after a little something… more.

Buckthorn Body Oil

After the success of the Pomegranate Body Oil I decided to try another and plumped for the citrussy smelling Buckthorn.  It’s very orangey in colour and leaves a slight golden sheen – excellent for the summer.  I have a lot more of these oils on my wish list!

Chestnut Toning Soak

When I was on their site I was reading the descriptions of the different products and this one caught my eye.  It sounded like a real pick-me-up product to get me through the cold season.  It has a mainly lavender scent and contains Arnica so promises a very relaxing bath despite it’s name.  Can’t really say I noticed any toning specifically but a very enjoyable bath never the less.

Skin Food

My holy grail moisturiser!  I have combination skin that often gets dehydrated and I love this product.  It seems to leave my face at a steady state all day so no oil slicks and no flakey patches.  So good that I’ve actually re-purchased (okay my first tube kamikazied down the bog) which is most unlike me.


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