Orchids on your Budget

Okay, yesterday was Budget day in the UK, which isn’t terribly exciting and normally involves me filling up my petrol tank before it goes up…again.  It did remind me of a book that I read a couple of months ago though called “Orchids on Your Budget”.

I was buying my husband a Christmas gift from Amazon and one of the items on the ‘things other people have bought’ list was this book:

 Product Details 

It was written by Marjorie Hillis in 1937 and the style of the cover looked ever so stylish and being a bit of a skinflint the content sounded good to me too.

I wasn’t disappointed.  After reading the book I feel more contented with my lot.  If you’re interested in budgeting your finances it’s a good general book to read with lots of (still quite relevant despite the period it was set in) case studies.  It won’t tell you how much to spend on food or clothes or your home.  That’s not the point of the book at all.  It will tell you to work out what makes you happy and spend on that if you can afford to.  To me it seemed as though the author was saying not to try and keep up with the Joneses – doubly so if what the Joneses have won’t make you happy after all anyway which seems like very sensible advice indeed. 

I came away from the book with the idea that I should budget using a price per smile principle (completely made up but doesn’t it sound good)? Oh, and I also asked my husband to buy me an orchid instead of birthday present this year.


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