Spring 2012 Fashion Wish List

I’ve been trying to buy less and make my purchases count more (mainly because I’m running out of wardrobe room).  Just before Christmas I bought an Everyday Tunic from Isabella Oliver in a deep olive colour and have had quite a bit of wear out of it.

 The Everyday Tunic | Dresses | Isabella Oliver


I was impressed with the quality and the versatility of this tunic – I’ve worn it dressed up with black leggings and shoots as well as dressed down over indigo jeans (similar to the above).  I’m thinking of adding to my wardrobe with some similarly versatile pieces and think all of these could be worn from now right through to winter depending on styling.

The Classic Wrap Dress - Designer Dresses for women


Breton Button Dress - Designer Dresses for women


I don’t think either is particularly fashion forward but I would like to build up some classics in my wardrobe that I can just throw on without having to think overly hard so maybe getting one item a season over a few years is the way I should be headed.  Fashion wise to be honest I’m struggling to see the trends for the coming season.  It all seems a bit of a mish mash in the shops and the same old trends that have been dragged out every year.  Good news for my bank account I suppose as I can roll out the same things I wore last year!

Great Plains have a good selection this season (they have great end of season sales) as do the trusty Wallis (look out for stackable codes and pounce) so I’m sure I’ll end up with one or two new dresses but there doesn’t seem to be much urgency… or maybe I’m just getting old?  Obviously writing that means I’m going to see lots of things I need to buy next week with too little money.

Since buying my tan Clarks sandals the other week I don’t think I need any footwear although I am on the lookout for some either brass/bronze metallic sandals.  I’ve been looking since last year and still haven’t found what I’m looking for although I keep going back to look at these (okay, not metallic at all)

 Dollar Craze


I’ll be bringing out my trusty Oak Mulberry Somerset shoulder bag from a few seasons back just as soon as it looks like the threat of snow has passed so I don’t need a new bag either.  Eventually I’d like to invest in a black Mulberry but it’s not really a spring colour is it?


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