Part 1: a-england

Well after a tiring day hosting an Easter egg hunt for my daughter and lots of her friends, my husband is watching the golf Masters and I’ve been playing with nail polish.

First up is a-england’s Princess Sabra (aka Tristam Eyes) scatter holo by itself (two coats and no top coat here as it has a very shiny finish.  Next time I will use one as it didn’t wear well)

Verdict: This is a gorgeous holo but it is also quite subtle and work friendly.  This is my first a-england polish and I doubt it will be the last.  Despite my comment on wear I believe it’s a common problem with holos.

To cover up the tip wear today I decided to do a moon or luna manicure using hole reinforcement stickers as a guide.

Top: Nails Inc London Nights

Verdict: A little bit tricky getting the placement of the stickers right but I love the look of this one and much easier with the stickers than trying to do this freehand.  The contrast between the two polishes I think makes all the difference.

Last is my first attempt at a graduated or ombre glitter tip manicure (I cheated and just used the polish brush rather than sponging it on but don’t tell anyone).  I added a light coat of the glitter polish starting about half way down the nail, then added another light coat from about quarter of the way down, topping off with an extra coat on the nail tip.

Glitter Coat: OPI Simmer & Shimmer

Top: Nails Inc UV Top Coat (you need a thick one so you can’t see the difference in layers as the base of the glitter polish is quite jelly like).

Verdict: Very easy to do so long as you’re prepared to wait a little while between coats.  The good thing is that you don’t have to be too precise as you want a gradual change between the two polishes.



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