Part 3: Coloured French Tips and Caviar French Manicure

I’ve been wanting to try some coloured french tips in a manicure for a while but over winter my nails just wouldn’t grow so I had to wait until I had a decent tip to paint.

I really struggled getting a photo of this colour combination.  I’ve no idea why and went through all the settings on my rather basic camera without any success.

Base: OPI Tickle my France-y

Tip: Nails Inc Victoria

Verdict: I did this free hand and quite liked the natural “v” shape that I accidentally ended up with.  I could see me getting a bit annoyed if one nail wasn’t quite painted right.  This one takes some skill and lots of time.  Perhaps some french tip stickers as guides would make this one a bit easier or maybe keeping nails short and using a very fine nail art brush.  I did love the very sophisticated colour combination though.

I decided to have another play with my glass micro beads (see my post of DIY caviar manicure here on just the tips of the french manicure and it really turned out well.

Verdict: The smaller beads worked well and it is also a much more wearable manicure.  The smaller beads sink in further to the polish or top coat so they are more secure plus it is less noticable when they do start to fall off.  I hadn’t thought of wearing these clear beads over a colour until I saw this blog post by Fab Fatale


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