A new addition to our family…

Introducing my daughters new ‘pet’ Leafy the caterpillar

We found him climbing up the wall in our hallway so I found a plastic pot (with a lid that I have added air holes to) and created a little home for our new pet by adding some twigs and dandelion leaves.  I’ve no idea what he is going to turn into, hopefully something pretty or handsome.  I’ll add some different leaves tomorrow in case he doesn’t like dandelions.


One thought on “A new addition to our family…

  1. Well who knew that caterpillars can shoot their poo? I guess if Leafy is pooing then he’s eating enough. I added some more wet leaves today and ran some of his twigs under a tap to make sure he’s got some water available and he’s moving around so I think he’s okay. He might be either a bright line or cutworm caterpillar I think.

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