Part 5: Moon (or Luna) Tip Manicure

I’m not sure if that’s the correct term actually but I think it describes it pretty well with the ‘moon’ being at the nail tip rather than the cuticle.  I couldn’t find many examples on the net either to back up my terminology.  I thought reverse moon would have been a good description but that’s more often used to describe a Ruffian manicure so I’m at a bit of a loss.  I used the same trick of masking off the moon using hole reinforcement stickers.

Base: a-england Princess Sabra

Top: Nails Inc Victoria

Top Coat: Nails Inc UV Top Coat

Verdict: My husband said that he like this one the best.  It was just as easy as the traditional moon manicure and the same comments about getting the sticker placement right apply here.  One thing to note is that you must let the top colour dry before adding the top coat or it could smudge into the lighter colour.  I touched up the moon with a bit more polish after I removed the sticker but you could get away without it.


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