Part 6: Slim Silhouette Manicure = FAIL

This is kind of like painting a smaller nail on top of the full nail.  I did this twice with different polishes and it still looked rubbish.  I think my nails are just too narrow for this style of manicure.

First try was to replicate the original slim silhouette manicure created by Jin Soon for Prabal Gurung fashion show.

Base: George (Asda) #34 Be Mine – lumpy lumpy lumpy, I’ll be making this into a franken jelly I think!

Top: Nails Inc Dover Street Market – great coverage, I think a one coater helps here, but the brush was too square to get the shape at the bottom.

Top Coat: Nails Inc UV top coat


For try number two I thought I’d mix it up a bit and put a darker polish as the base.

Base: Nails Inc London Nights

Top: W7 #91 Metallic Saturn – great coverage

Top Coat: Nails Inc UV top coat

Verdict: This one needs a steady hand and it is very easy to get carried away and accidentally paint more of the nail than you intended.  I personally wouldn’t use a colour that is too close to your skin tone on this one as it would just make your nails appear a lot shorter.  I didn’t like doing this one and I don’t like the outcome.   I saw some great instructions for this one on Polished Indulgence’s blog


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