Part 7: Ruffian Manicure

Very similar to the slim silhouette manicure on my previous post but the edges go right to the side of the nails rather than having an edge of base colour showing on both sides.  Sometimes refered to as a reverse moon manicure but I’m not sure I hold with that description?

Base: Anne & Florio #B28 – no name sorry and I bought it in Thailand so it might not be readily available

Top: Nails Inc The Serpentine

Top Coat: Nails Inc UV top coat

Verdict: As much as I didn’t like the slim, I loved this one.  In real life the contrast between the blues is more pronounced.  Taking it to the edges of the nail made it much easier to do on my tiny nails and the curve at the bottom didn’t have to be as exaggerated so that was easier to paint too.  Again great instructions on Polished Indulgence’s blog  Again I’d avoid using a base colour too similar to skin tone as it would make nails appear shorter.


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