Indigoblu Flitter Glu and Gilding Flakes

and a closeup

What do you think?  It’s only my second try.  The first turned out well actually but I did it on white paper and couldn’t find any suitable backing paper to tie everything together.

I’ve been after a stampable glue for a long while but all there were a lot of mixed reviews on the previous products of this nature on the market.  When I saw Indigoblu flitterglu and gilding flakes demonstrated on the TV I thought that they probably made it look quite easy but I decided to give it a whirl and it is actually very easy!  I bought mine from

First step is to spread a small blob, half a teaspoon is sufficient, of the special flitterglu onto a square of Ranger Cut ‘n’ dry stamping foam using a coffee stirrer or similar.

Use this as your ‘ink pad’ to ink up the rubber stamp.

Stamp with it as per normal and immediately go and wash up your stamp and foam.  The gluey image can sit waiting for ages so don’t worry about that until everything else is washed up!  In case you are wondering I have tried this with traditional wood mounted red rubber stamps and clear unmounted stamps with no bother.

Finally you are ready to either add some beautiful gilding flakes and press them gently into the image.  Remove the excess with a plastic scouring pad (you can use a special ‘scoochy’ but as it was out of stock when I ordered I improvised with a scouring pad and it worked fine) and don’t worry it will only remove the excess.  It’s a blimming nightmare trying to put any of the large flakes back in the pot and they are so light they end up all over the place.

Verdict: This is a fairy pricey kit to buy but the flakes themselves barely look touched so I think it’ll last a while.  If you can stamp an image then I’d say to give it a go.The glue can also be used with ultra fine glitter too and that’s probably my next project.  I’ve also got a large amount of the cut ‘n’ dry foam left so I’ll be having a play with that.  I can’t see a reason why the glue wouldn’t work with foils so I will have a go and report back on that too.

As I was using a large clear stamp I thought I’d try out using the Letterpress sandwich as a stamping block and it worked great.  I’ll be using it more often in the future.

Check out the stamps that Indigoblu have as some are really lovely.  I love Ella and the Alice in Wonderland stamp sets so I might have to put them onto my wishlist in a few months time.


3 thoughts on “Indigoblu Flitter Glu and Gilding Flakes

  1. Have you had any luck using foils with this glue? I love the idea of it but want to make wedding invitations in pink & purple and they have no gilding flake in either colour. Didn’t know if I could use large nail foil sheets and the scoochy sponge after instead. I have asked the company but had no reply as yet.

    • I’ve not tried it with foil yet – I’ll have a play and let you know sometime this week. Did you know you could use heat transfer foils onto laser printed text/picture? It may be an option if you wanted something personallised.

      • That would be great thanks. No I didn’t know that, sounds a bit complicated to me? Maybe just the idea of heating things scars me a bit! lol I don’t have a laser printer either. I usually just make decoupage cards etc, wanted to try something a bit different for the wedding invites but haven’t explored many other mediums yet. any advice gratefully recieved. 🙂

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