W7 Metallic Saturn

I saw some swatches of this and the rest of the W7 Planets collection online and knew I needed it in my collection.  The low price helped me decide!  It’s a beautiful metallic olive green/gold.  I suppose I should include my swatches too:

Two coats with Pro Strong Pro Coat

As above with George (Asda) matte top coat

The quality is actually fabulous.  It comes in a bottle very similar to OPI and the brush is also very similar to the new pro-wide OPI brush.  Okay so it stinks a bit compared to three-free polishes but to be honest for £1.95 what do you expect?  It has worn really well too and now I’m thinking about ordering Metallic Neptune.  It has free P&P here http://www.nailpolishdirect.co.uk


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