Home To-Do List: Downstairs

aka the ground floor.

Entry Hall

  • Replace banister and newel posts with something far more modern
  • Eventually repaint with a more interesting colour but only when it needs repainting
  • Paint built in shelf unit to make it disappear
  • Fill in holes in the wall where electrician made a mistake with a new light switch


This is our short term plan.  Despite the kitchen being 10 years old it basically looks brand new and although isn’t totally our taste we realise it would be a waste, not to mention huge expense (and I mean huge considering the kitchen of my dreams), to change it out for something different and it’s not too bad overall with decent quality units and granite worktops.

  • repaint walls in a pale beige to tie in with the rest of the house and look cleaner (currently sporting a relatively inoffensive peachy colour wash)
  • repaint ceiling to cover watermark left by old leak
  • replace spotlights and maybe add a pendant over the breakfast bar/table
  • fix dripping tap – you know when it’s dripping but not enough to do anything about it?
  • install blinds and/or other window dressing – we recently had a new window fitted and I refused to put the scabby vertical blinds back up
  • replace side door into porch for better security and to hide the piles of recycling in the side porch
  • do something with the breakfast bar/table – it doesn’t look substantial enough at the minute and it may be the bar itself or the cheap looking chairs
  • Replace sockets/switches to match the rest of the house (black nickel)

Dining room

  • Replace patio door with bi-folding door – expensive!

The rest of the dining room is complete unless we find a picture we can agree on for the feature wall.


  • Add a rug – the problem with this one is that my husband hates rugs and this is his “man zone”
  • Buy either freestanding shelving unit or install built in shelving against one whole wall
  • Get a computer chair that matches the desk and doesn’t squeak
  • Get a second lounging or club chair for when we’re both sorting through finances/house plans etc. so I don’t have to perch on whatever kids ride-on toy that happens to have been left in there
  • Install a pelmet to disguise the fact the door trim is very wonky


  • This is a long room with the TV as the focal point – I’m not bothered about the TV being the focal point but I am struggling to fill such a large space without adding too many pieces of furniture
  • Possibly add a feature wall treatment
  • Upgrade old settees with a corner or ideally a U shaped suite – expensive!
  • Replace curtains depending on settee choice
  • Replace patio doors with bi-fold doors – expensive!
  • Get photos of my daughter put on the wall
  • Buy a large coffee table or get one made as we can’t find what we want anywhere

Downstairs WC

  • Upgrade radiator to a modern design or buy a radiator cover to hide the current one
  • Repaint the walls in grey as per our master en-suite – that looks really smart and has the same tiles so we know it will look great
  • Buy a new towel and art/vase or something in a funky colour
  • Possibly upgrade the mirror or frame it 

Laundry room

  • Decide on layout and install – ideally we’d like to fit in a sink, fridge, washing machine and dryer and have cupboard space and have worktop space and make it look stunning but in reality it’s only 2200 mm long with only enough space for units on one side so we’re limited!
  • Fill in hole in ceiling where electrician made a mistake with the position of the light

Family Room

  • Move old lounge settees in here eventually
  • Buy large storage unit of get fitted shelving and cabinets installed – expensive!
  • Put up mirror once seating is in place
  • Re-frame and put pictures up


  • New flooring
  • Plaster walls
  • Paint walls
  • Paper feature wall – we already have the Nina Campbell paper as it was a bargain from eBay
  • Buy new pots
  • Buy new settees and furniture
  • Possibly replace polycarbonate roof with glass depending on structural calculations
  • Buy new doormats – possibly insert them into the new floor
  • Install new sockets/switches
  • Install new lights/fans – sort out wiring since roofer nailed though the existing cable

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