Home To-Do List: Introduction

This is our second home as a family.  We lived in our first house for eight years and only moved to get further up the property ladder and into our forever home.  In those eight years we went through each room and redecorated and furnished and built an extension to make the kitchen larger and add a sun room.  We also replaced the windows with some less draughty ones and started work shaping the garden.  We didn’t get around to changing the bathroom suite (although we did re grout the shower, added a tiled bath panel and swapped out the carpet for water resistant laminate) or doing anything with the drive or front garden bar mow it! 

When we bought this house it was firmly stuck in the 80’s, that’s the 1980’s by the way.  There was lots of blown vinyl wallpaper, shag-pile carpets, dodgy gas fire and 20 year old boiler, not to mention the wonderful pampas green bathroom suite and the squirrel brown (I’m not sure of the real technical name but it honestly did look like a squirrel so that name stuck).  In other words, we knew it needed modernisation and as we’d redecorated and done some DIY in the past we knew it wasn’t beyond us and/or professional tradesmen.

We’ve been in this house four years now and still have a lot to do on our list and a few rooms are still the blank canvas we turned them into as a quick fix.  We had intended, like our previous house, to do one or two rooms per year full i.e. new/additional furniture where needed, but when we started to remove the old wallpaper and chunks of the plasterwork came off with it we stripped most of the house and painted it all the same neutral colour and therefore most rooms are 80-90% done and a few haven’t been touched.  We also had an extension built last summer so all money was diverted that way… and those new rooms aren’t fully complete yet either although everywhere is livable.  We do aim to be living here for the next twenty years so it’s worth us taking our time and getting it right for us but that also means it will cost more because we’re buying things we want rather than what will have the most impact on a sale price.

I’ll split the list into downstairs and upstairs over two posts as it turns out it is a mammoth list – yikes!  I’ve no real feel how long it will take to get through the list and some things like furniture might all come along at once or we might not find what we are looking for straight away.


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