Home To-Do List: Upstairs

Landing/half landing

  • Possibly get some kind of window treatment on the picture window

Guest Bedroom

  • Buy luggage rack
  • Turn current star burst mirror silver with rub’n’buff and install above the head of the bed (rather than above the bed as my husband first thought)
  • Re frame picture on the other wall or swap out for something else

Guest En-suite

  • Grout, caulk or silicone around where the new window and existing tiles meet
  • Install new blinds

Craft Room

  • Replace furniture at some point in the distant future or downsize my stash
  • Install new blinds

Family bathroom


Daughters bedroom

She has decided she is moving into the spare room when it is done so her room will stay as it is i.e. pink until a second child comes along and then we’ll know what colour to paint it!

Spare bedroom

  • Skim walls and ceiling
  • Paint walls – probably white or grey
  • Replace ceiling and bedside lamps with something funky for a five year old
  • Replace sockets/switches as per the rest of the house (black nickel)
  • Install new curtain pole (possibly black nickel or white depending on furniture)
  • Buy new curtains (probably fuchsia)
  • Buy desk, bedside cabinets/chest of drawers and seating (beanbags?)
  • Buy a runner for the bed (probably fuchsia)
  • Possibly buy a rug as an accent colour (probably fuchsia)
  • Buy poster frames for Mario/Disney Princesses/Minnie Mouse and friends and create a gallery wall that can be updated easily

Master En-suite

  • Buy new matching bath robes
  • Find deep purple shower puff/scrunchie things to tie in other purple elements

Master Bedroom

  • Find seating and possibly a coffee table for under the window
  • Upgrade laundry hamper
  • Buy white bedding
  • Buy a collection of frames for small gallery wall on hallway opposite the bathroom door
  • Either re frame pictures we already have or find something new to go on the walls

Master Dressing Room/Nursery

  • Short term: use as a nursery – huge white branches vinyl wall sticker will transform the space
  • Long term: transform into a dressing room – expensive!

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