Black Glitter Rockstar Manicure

My daughter is out on a trip with her Rainbow troop so I have some time to play with glitter (not that a five-year old wouldn’t enjoy it but I’d rather not have the clean up factor tonight) and rockstar nails.

Slightly more involved than the DIY Caviar style manicure I showed you earlier but just as effective when using a block colour fine glitter*.

For this one I used Nails Inc UV Top Coat as my glue and dunked the nail into a random pot of black fine glitter from eBay.  Unfortunately I’ve had the set of glitters a few years and there are no manufacturers details on the box.  After a minute I gently brushed away excess glitter with a soft artists brush, added another layer of top coat and dunked for a second time.  Again, I left it to dry a little while before carefully brushing away the excess.

I did add another layer of top coat to encapsulate the glitter but it looked awful so I’d leave it as is personally and accept it wouldn’t last more than a night or two.

*Just a side note to let you know I tried the same process with a mixed green pee wee ultra fine glitter and it wasn’t as effective as a solid colour fine glitter.  It was pretty enough but the solid colour has more wow factor.  The pee wee just looked too transparent even though it wasn’t.

and yes, it was a royal pain to remove and clean up as you can imagine.


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