Frankenpolish: Sparkling Rain

My first frankenpolish (mixing a load of random polishes together to make a brand new one for the uninitiated) was neither a hit or a miss.  It was just a bit meh in the end.  I’m kind of pleased I used some polishes I’m overly keen on by themselves anyway.  It didn’t really help that I couldn’t get a good photo of it either.


1/3 of a bottle of ProStrong ProCoat

+ 1/6 of a bottle of George #34 Be Mine

+ 1/6 of a bottle Max Factor 3 in 1 #864 Modernist Blue

+ a few blobs of Special FX Dazzlers silver glitter

+ a few sprinkles of random short strand turquoise glitter

+ a few sprinkles of lilac pee wee ultra fine glitter

I gave it all a really good shake and swatched it with two coats above.  I couldn’t really get many strands of the turquoise glitter out in the end so I’m not sure if there’s a trick to this?  There were plenty in the bottle look:

Any tips and tricks for next time?


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