1008 Hollywalk Park Doll’s House

My sister dropped the doll’s house off today.  I guess she wants it back when her destructive twin boys have left home… in fifteen years or so.  I thought I’d start with an outside shot and an inside shot so I can do before and after photos as I go along.

I’m thinking of painting the roof grey and the front door red.  Not sure about walls and trim yet.

There was a load of furniture with it too but I wanted it all out so I could have a think about which rooms were which and what needed doing in what order.  I feel another list coming on!

Firstly I’m going to have a look at house name plates so I can get a personalised sign made up for 1008 Hollywalk Park.  I’m not sure when I’ll be back.  I feel I’m about to get lost to the world of miniatures!



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