Meal Planning Tuesday

I’m not sure where Monday went?

Another couple of new recipes I will be trying this week.

  • Pasta with Chilli Tomatoes and Spinach

(I’ll use regular pasta as I’m just not keen on the brown stuff)

EDIT: Thumbs up from me and my husband for this one.  I added a bit more seasoning but otherwise this was very tasty.

  • Chicken Braised With Cider and Bacon

  • Mac Cheese

No official recipe really, it has just evolved to our taste but do try adding 1/4 of a teaspoon of mustard powder at he same time as the flour.

  • Fish Pie (using up left over veg and mash from Sunday roast)

We had this last night for tea.  This started off life as a Dairy Book of Home Cookery recipe but we’ve tailored it so it’s prepared the day before and gets chucked in the oven for an hour to warm up the next day.  We made this for our Easter Egg hunt a couple of weeks ago and it went down a storm.  If anyone was wanting a good all round cookery book this is the one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.  It has everything including how to boil  an egg (I can never remember the timings) and roast a joint of meat.

It seems I’m back to winter comfort food this week with the chilly weather.

I also managed to get rid of a load of left over Easter eggs yesterday by making some chocolate brownies from the Humming Bird Bakery recipe book.  They don’t taste like traditional brownies when using cheap milk chocolate but they do end up with a kind of golden syrup taste which is a bonus.  Smashing up chocolate eggs with a rolling-pin is also quite fun too.


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