Water Marbling

There are plenty of tutorials around so I won’t repeat everything but I used some water out of the kettle (that had been boiled earlier in the day) so it was at room temperature.  All in all I think I put around 12 drops of nail varnish in a plastic cup and wrapped my finger as best I could with sellotape before dunking.  I did have a problem collecting the excess before removing my nail from the water but it didn’t affect the design in this instance.

It didn’t look like it would give much coverage when it was in the cup but look:


I didn’t put a base coat on.  It’s usually recommended but I forgot, oops, and it didn’t make any difference I don’t think.

Mix: Mainly W7 Saturn and Nails Inc London Nights with the odd drop of W7 Silver and W7 Neptune.

Verdict: A bit more advanced but I’m please with how it turned out.  Clean up was the biggest issue as you can probably see – I think I need to invest in some pure acetone and a clean up brush.  I’ll be trying this out with different colour combinations and maybe just on tips when my nails are long enough.


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