“The Dogs”

Yup, I’m a classy bird.  Me and my husband had a date night out at the greyhound dog racing track last night.  It’s somewhere we’d never been before and it sounded good – best of all was the deal I got from Groupon for it – entry for two, chicken and chips for two, four alcoholic drinks, entry to the on site nightclub for a total of £10.  The stadium do similar packages for around the same price if you go direct:


Unfortunately I didn’t win a single pound back from any of my bets grr.  My husband obviously could read the form a bit better and did manage to win around £20 back over ten races and we were only putting a pound or two on a dog.  We rarely get to go out together – put it this way I bought the tickets back in early February and it’s now the end of April.  It was nice to spend some time together doing something different and whenever we do go out we say we should make the effort to do it more often but we never do!

Anyhoo, it’s another tick off my “Bucket List”.


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