Meal Planning

I knew I was having a house full for Sunday lunch and a neighbour dropped two trout around so I did a huge salad and roasted two chickens as well.

  • Leftover Roast Chicken Something

Probably a curry or Nando’s style wraps

EDIT: My dad caught some cod so we had cod curry and used the chicken for sandwiches at work.

We love this and it is just so easy to make.  I use frozen prawns (defrosted obviously) and peas so it’s more or less a store cupboard meal.  I happen to have both chilli and lemon in the house but it can be made without both quite easily.

  • Lamb Meatballs and cous cous

I got a large bag of plain cous cous so I need some inspiration how to jazz it up.  I have some coriander in a pot on the patio so I might just add that and some crushed coriander seeds…

  • Chicken Breasts Stuffed With Blue Cheese
Roasted in a pan with some cherry tomatoes, served with some buttered new potatoes.

Beauty Roundup

When I was looking at the Korres lip butter reviews I found that they also came in stick format so I splurged on one in purple colorway:

Korres Lip Butter Stick Spf15 - Purple

I had a massive clear out of old and gunky makeup and toiletries and threw out a purple lipstick so this is a spanking new replacement as well as fulfilling my Korres lip butter wants.  If you remember back I had this on my Beauty Wishlist for spring.

It arrived in the post yesterday and to tell you the truth I was a little disappointed.  The colour is quite natural but I was after something a little stronger.  As a lip butter it does feel nice on the lips but isn’t very long-lasting so I’m not sure how long the SPF15 would work for.  I prefer the Estee Lauder 8 Hour Lip Protectants although they are more expensive which is a shame. 

The RRP of the Korres lip butter is £6.50 and I bought mine from who have free delivery.

I also managed to pick up a reduced Babyliss Big Hair last week which was another of my wishlist items!  I’ve used it three times now and although it doesn’t really make my hair really “big”, I didn’t really expect that much in that department knowing how the hairdressers struggle with my fine hair.  It does make it turn under at the bottom nicely though and adds a bit of newsreader ‘swish’ and as I got it for £25 from Asda I’m happy enough.

The sun is out today and I’ve realised I need to do something quick and intensive to my feet to get them sandal ready.  I think I’m probably going to go for some Flexitol Heel Balm.  I’ve not tried it before but the majority of reviews say it’s the bees knees (which I presume aren’t cracked and dry?) so I may have baby soft feet very soon… I’ll report back in a few days.

Flexitol Heel Balm Medically Proven Treatment For Dry & Cracked Heels - 112g

I don’t particularly have much cracked skin but I do have some deep ridges that Ped-egg’ing doesn’t seem to touch and they always look dry and generally rough.  I probably should go to a proper Chiropodist/Podiatrist but I’m kind of squeamish about people playing with my feet.

EDIT: Well I’ve applied this six times since Saturday and it has worked miracles!  I’ve no idea what happens to the dry skin or where it goes *barf* but I shall continue using this morning and evening for the fortnight it recommends.  I have perfectly respectable looking heels already but I can still feel a bit of roughness even though I can’t see it.

Water Marbling II


Mix: Alternate drops of Essie Little Brown Dress, Nails Inc Spitalfields (this one went transparent), OPI Year of The Dragon, OPI Far East Fuchsia, and Nails Inc Floral Street (which kind of pastellised/diluted those it touched).

Verdict: I was a bit disappointed about the way the white affected the other colours.  I was wanting something a little more vibrant and Missoni style.  I suppose the unpredictability in water marbling is my main bugbear.


On my handy helpers little nails.

Mix: Alternate drops of Nails Inc BlueBell (I managed to rescue some from the exploding bottle incident), Asda #34 Be Mine, Anne & Florio #B29

Verdict: I liked the toned down effect to this one as did my five-year old.

I’m getting the hang of this marbling malarkey.

Meal Planning

We tried the newly opened Tesco today for the first time so spent a load of money on bits and bobs we didn’t need and couldn’t make a meal from – like six bags of nuts!  Fear not, I did a bit of meal planning before we set off so we can eat something other than nuts this week.

  • Fry-up!

Pork and sweet chilli sausages, unsmoked thick bacon, flat mushrooms, baby plum tomatoes, baked beans, hash browns, fried bread, scrambled egg.

  • Pork and Maple Cured Smoked Bacon Chipolatas on Tripoline pasta

I’ll make a tomato based pasta sauce for this.

EDIT: Tripoline pasta looks like a plate full of octopus tentacles when cooked!

I’ve tried this one before and despite me not being a particular fan of regular lasagne and my husband being an absolute pig over lasagne we both liked this one very much

A newby this week.  I got some turkey mince on clearance so went on a hunt for a recipe to us it in.
EDIT: This was really nice.  I used rice noodles as I’d planned pasta for some of the other days and didn’t really want egg noodles which are just a different type of pasta really aren’t they?  I’d add more Hoisin sauce next time though as I prefer things a little more saucy.

Indigoblu Flitter Glu and Nail Art Foils

Blog reader Susie asked if I’d tried Flitterglu with foils so I’ve had a little play with them and here are the results:

(left over foil sheet)

Firstly, I must apologise about choosing a bug to demo when you were asking about wedding invitations but I wanted to try with a stamp that had lots of detail and this was the first one I picked up!  For reference the stamp is a red rubber unmounted stamp by Stampo Las Vegas and the nail foils were from Special FX / Spangles.  I smoothed the foil onto the glue image using a cotton wool pad and a little bit of pressure before peeling the foil away.  I was impressed with the outcome but…. it wasn’t perfect – the foil didn’t stick in some places so it might not be ideal depending on what stamp you want to use.  There was no need to use a scoochy pad after removing the foil sheet.

My second try was using a more wedding appropriate stamp – a solid word one, again from Stampo, and using heat transfer foil this time.  It really didn’t work well at all as you can see.

I hope that helped with your question Susie.

Meal Planning

I’ve had a cold all week so I’ve chosen some convenience foods this time:

  • Burgers, chips and sides

Burgers in soft white buns with chips, coleslaw, mini corn on the cobs.  I picked up some new sauces to try out too.  First is Heinz tomato sauce with Indian Spices and the second is HP with Guinness.

  • Pie, peas and new potatoes with some gravy of course

Tesco Finest Steak pie.  We don’t often shop in Tesco so if we do pop in then I pick up a couple of these pies and pop them in the freezer.

  • Fajitas

Old El Paso kit with some guacamole, salsa and sour cream.  I picked up some turkey steaks for this and already have some red peppers in the frigde.

I sent my husband out for some emergency fish and chips so we never did this one last week.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Swatches

I got Fantasy Fire a couple of months ago but kind of forgot about it.  Anyway, I had a good play with it over different coloured polishes and these are the results:


Two coats of Nails Inc London Nights and one coat FF – classic and really brings out the colour of the shimmering particles even though the blue base is completely lost.  I’m now thinking I should have tried a flakey polish over the top too… I’ll do that at the weekend and add a swatch.


Two coats of Nails Inc Jermyn Street and one coat of FF – a very similar feel to Barry M Dusky Mauve.


Two coats Nails Inc Dover Street and one coat FF – mesmerizing!


Two coats of Nails Inc The Serpentine and one coat of FF – love this combination.


Finally four coats of FF by itself.  Not terribly exciting and a weird colour over natural nails especially around the free edge.