May Bookshelf

I read Jamaica Inn in April and I loved it.  Just my kind of book to be honest.  I’m glad I have more in the set to read.  When I have a set of books by one author I like to leave a gap before reading another book so I don’t mix up the characters and stories.

Triple oops this month.  I caved in and bought more yet more books:

Catching Fire (Hunger Games, Book 2)

I raced through this one and the story really takes some twists and turns.  I’ve also started on book 3:

Mockingjay (part III of The Hunger Games Trilogy)

I’m almost finished and wished there was another one (at least) in the series.  There are some parts that feel a bit rushed or unfinished but it’s a great set and a good read.  I am firmly blaming my co-workers for saying how great book 2 and 3 are for me caving in.

The other book I bought was part of a trilogy too:

Glasruhen Gate: The Adventures of Jack Brenin, Book 2

I got book 1 free on Amazon and book 2 was reduced to 99p for a while…  I’m stalking book 3 at the minute to get that at a low price!  I wish there was some way to set up an alert on Amazon for when the price drops?  Please let me know if there is!  It’s another kids story about a boy called Jack Brenin who has special powers and, with the aid of some unusual friends, tries to save some other unusual friends.  I imagine I’ll read this together with my daughter in a few years as I think it will be right up her street.

Another one or two for the bookshelf this month will be:

A Kiss Before Dying

I don’t think I’ve seen the film of this one.  I read The Stepford Wives a couple of months ago and this was in the same set and the blurb on the back sounds interesting.

Collected Short Stories: Volume 1


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