Magazine Freebies

I don’t often buy magazines off the shelf – I have a few on subscription but I tend to look out for anything with good value freebies.  I won’t buy a magazine for a cosmetic bag or flip-flops that are three sizes too big etc. but I will if it’s a brand I use and something I would consider buying anyway…

This month I’ve picked up Marie Claire (which is a terrible magazine!) because it had a free Lip and Cheek Stain from The Body Shop (RRP £10).  I chose Bronze Glimmer this time – the glimmer is only noticeable from certain angles and it’s a really flattering pinky/bronze colour.  I’ve had the Rose Pink version in the past and was impressed so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I also picked up InStyle (a good read at least) because it had the choice of three Nails Inc shades.  I chose BlueBell, a pale lilac with a hint of blueness.  They are limited editions that only come with the magazine.

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