Meal Planning

I wasn’t quite sure what shopping to get this week so I winged it and came back with chicken breasts, lamb steaks and prawns.

  • Honey ribs with Hassleback new potatoes

BBQ ribs from Asda (they had tasters in store and it was two packets for £6 with long use-by dates so thought it would make a nice Saturday tea with coleslaw, stir fried mangetout, and homemade Hasslebacks (just make slits in the top and drizzle with olive oil and some salt/dried herbs before baking as per regular roast potatoes

  • Chicken Satay

Carried over from last week – the chicken smelt funny when I came to make it so it never got done.

  • Prawn curry

Of some sort or other!

A new recipe to try – I’m always after good store cupboard recipes.

As it was such a hit the other week.


Only other recipe thing to note is that my daughter asked to make a recipe from Sparkle magazine for Strawberry Milkshake whoopie pies.  I’d post the recipe but to be honest they weren’t that great!  I’d be interested to know of any other recipes with milkshake powder though – do you think I could just substitute it anywhere that uses drinking chocolate?  It did remind me that I have an entire recipe book for whoopie pies so I might have to dig that one out as I’m sure there were some ice cream versions.


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