Unhappiness is…

Unhappiness is… when your brand new bottle of polish decides to explode…

It fell all of an inch from a book onto the carpet and when I picked it up the flipping lid and neck of the bottle came off in my hand and I now have a nice puddle of Nails Inc BlueBell on my cream carpet.  I’ve scrubbed with nail polish remover and got that out with a run over of the Bissell but it’s still there.  I’ve read that Mr Muscle window cleaner might work but I’m fed up and already have a sore throat (it was sore before inhaling a load of nail polish remover but that didn’t help) without starting on more chemicals.

Speaking of which, admittedly very quietly at the moment, I can highly recommend Fishermen’s Friends lozenges for sore throats and niggly coughs.  I get my parents to bring back some nice flavours from Thailand (the Thai’s have a huge range instead of the awful original flavour that is commonly found in the UK).  I’ve just opened a packet of Spiced Mandarin flavour today:

They sound awful I know but they are really very nice if you come across them.


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