OPI Far East Collection

I was searching though the rest of my old stash and realised I have quite a few of the Far East Collection, circa 2000, so I’ve swatched them.


Shanghai Shimmer – it is shot through with green but that doesn’t show up on the photos.  Difficult to apply because you can really see the brush strokes but strangely it’s the brush strokes that make this one better on the nail than in the bottle.  It’s a bit blah in the bottle but the variation in shimmer on the nail really stands out.


Year of the Dragon – slightly more pink toned than the photo shows but only slightly.  Very vibrant and one of my all time favourite colours.


Confucius Says “Coral” – very similar to Year of the Dragon but this one has a creamy base rather than the clear base that Year has.  The result is a bit more muted.


Far East Fuchsia – A very bright fuchsia colour shot through with a lilac shimmer.  I love this one on toes.

All swatches are two coats and no top coat.  I also have Japanese Rose Garden but the re-released version rather than the original so I’ll not include it with these.


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