Indigoblu Flitter Glu and Nail Art Foils

Blog reader Susie asked if I’d tried Flitterglu with foils so I’ve had a little play with them and here are the results:

(left over foil sheet)

Firstly, I must apologise about choosing a bug to demo when you were asking about wedding invitations but I wanted to try with a stamp that had lots of detail and this was the first one I picked up!  For reference the stamp is a red rubber unmounted stamp by Stampo Las Vegas and the nail foils were from Special FX / Spangles.  I smoothed the foil onto the glue image using a cotton wool pad and a little bit of pressure before peeling the foil away.  I was impressed with the outcome but…. it wasn’t perfect – the foil didn’t stick in some places so it might not be ideal depending on what stamp you want to use.  There was no need to use a scoochy pad after removing the foil sheet.

My second try was using a more wedding appropriate stamp – a solid word one, again from Stampo, and using heat transfer foil this time.  It really didn’t work well at all as you can see.

I hope that helped with your question Susie.


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