Meal Planning

We tried the newly opened Tesco today for the first time so spent a load of money on bits and bobs we didn’t need and couldn’t make a meal from – like six bags of nuts!  Fear not, I did a bit of meal planning before we set off so we can eat something other than nuts this week.

  • Fry-up!

Pork and sweet chilli sausages, unsmoked thick bacon, flat mushrooms, baby plum tomatoes, baked beans, hash browns, fried bread, scrambled egg.

  • Pork and Maple Cured Smoked Bacon Chipolatas on Tripoline pasta

I’ll make a tomato based pasta sauce for this.

EDIT: Tripoline pasta looks like a plate full of octopus tentacles when cooked!

I’ve tried this one before and despite me not being a particular fan of regular lasagne and my husband being an absolute pig over lasagne we both liked this one very much

A newby this week.  I got some turkey mince on clearance so went on a hunt for a recipe to us it in.
EDIT: This was really nice.  I used rice noodles as I’d planned pasta for some of the other days and didn’t really want egg noodles which are just a different type of pasta really aren’t they?  I’d add more Hoisin sauce next time though as I prefer things a little more saucy.

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. But no nettles…. 😉 Looks like a great menu. I love turkey mince, though usually end up making turkey burgers or a turkey bolongnese type thing 🙂

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