Fried Green Tomatoes?

Somewhat bizarrely one of my co-workers (well not terribly bizarre if you knew my co-workers) decided to bring some tomato seedlings into the office to grow on the windowsill.  We’ve all become quite attached to our ‘maters and got our first crop of seven cherry tomatoes this week and as there are some people off on holiday we had two each.  Very nice they were too.  We’ve all been patting each other on the back for our sterling first time tomato-growing efforts.

The other variety seem to be salad tomatoes and they are still very very green.  The subject of fried green tomatoes naturally came up and whilst everyone had heard of them, none of us had tasted them.  Admittedly the main reason we’d heard of them was because of the film with the same name… that again we’d all heard of but none of us could ever remember watching either.

Having had a look about on search engines it seems that the most simple way of making them is to slice the green tomatoes up, dredge with some seasoned flour and fry off in a pan with some kind of oil.  The photos I found looked quite delicious in fact!  There did seem to be a lot of regional variation in what type of flour, seasoning and oil to use and people were getting a bit het up about the right way to make them.

Anyway, back to the point, as none of us know the first thing about tomato plants we’ve decided to leave the green ones on a bit longer and take them off, even if they are still green, if they start to look ropey.  I’ll definitely be taking one home to try fried green tomatoes if they don’t turn.  I’m tempted to steal a green one anyway just to make fried green toms oops.

Has anyone ever made this dish?  I like fried red tomatoes with a Full English Breakfast so I shouldn’t think they’re too dissimilar.

EDIT: These were seriously gorgeous.  I’ve no idea why we don’t eat them like this in the UK.  I just used salt and pepper in the flour and fried them in a touch of olive oil.


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