Metallic Gradient or Ombre Nails

After seeing a wonderful tutorial on how to do gradient nails here I decided to bite the bullet and here is my first try:


I used W7 Metallic Neptune and W7 Silver and a regular cosmetics sponge but had to go over it about three times to get the coverage – perhaps the type of sponge was where I went wrong?  A nice thick layer of Seche Vite made it look okay in the end though.

Verdict: I read somewhere that holographic polish is the most forgiving for doing gradients but I only have one so that wasn’t going to work!  I thought metallics would be the next best thing.  This is easy enough to do but a terrible faff on.  I couldn’t see myself doing 20 nails like this.

Try Number Two:


Here I used two Special FX Glass Glitters – gold and bronze (no official names on the bottle sorry).  This took even more coats as they are so liquid.  Maybe this one would have been better over a coloured base?


2 thoughts on “Metallic Gradient or Ombre Nails

  1. Awesome nail polish. I like the combinations of gold and bronze. If probable, as you acquire knowledge about this nail polish and how to do this, would you mind updating your blog with additional information and facts? It really beneficial for me. Thanks.

  2. I’ts quite normal having to put several layers of polish on with the sponge to reach a beautiful gradient, and I think your results are awesome!

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