Meal Planning

Totally forgot that I’ve got a works BBQ to go one evening this week so over-bought.  Never mind I can always put some meat in the freezer I suppose.

  • Chicken Enchiladas

Just an Old El Paso kit.  I seem to have lots of peppers in the fridge so that should use a lot of them up.

  • Nasi Goreng

MIL picked up a leaflet with the recipe on but it sounds very much like an anything goes egg fried rice with some plum sauce?  I showed it to my husband and he said he liked all the ingredients so fingers crossed we’ll like the finished article.

  • Something with the left over prawns I’m using in the Nasi Goreng but not sure what yet.
  • Marmalade Chicken

Basically an all-in-one traybake using chicken thighs or legs coated in warm marmalade, cubes of potatoes, and cubes of peppers.  The original recipe was from an Asda magazine a few years ago.  More peppers again.  I often serve this with peas so it’s a really colourful dish.


3 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. We go through loads of peppers in our recipes too and Darling Daughter loves them as a snack!
    Having to learn to limit them though. Here in N.Z food is expensive!!! Peppers/capsicums are super pricey in particular.
    I love it here but maaaan I miss tesco!

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