Special FX Nail Art Foils

I’ve had these knocking around in my nail box for years.  I think they all came from QVC in kits but you can buy direct from FX Nails/Spangles http://www.fxnailz.co.uk/funky.html

There are tonnes of different foils to choose from on eBay.  These are thin foils on a roll rather than the newer generation self adhesive Minx style foils.  The roll of foil will do hundreds of nails.


Floral Watercolor Foil


Black Lace Foil over Nails Inc InStyle Peach Sorbet


Copper Metallic Foil (these do wrinkle a bit when you add the special top coat).


1) Apply the special adhesive either over a base coat or straight onto bare nails.  I believe there’s something in OPI Nail Envy that doesn’t like the adhesive so don’t use that.

2) Wait… wait… wait… and a bit longer.  The adhesive will turn from a oyster white to clear.  Wait just a bit longer to make sure.  It smells a little like PVA craft glue.

3) Gently press the foil (shiny side up) onto the nail and smooth over using the pad of your thumb quite firmly.  Gently pull the foil off the nail (some come off more easily than others) and if there are any gaps it’s sometimes possible to redo that area.

4) Use the special top coat (others can make the foil wrinkle) and leave to dry.

Verdict: I have mixed feelings on these to be honest.  You can get quite unique effects but they are never perfect.  They wear pretty quickly too unless you add another coat of top coat daily.  Patience is the key with these but so long as you can apply the adhesive neatly then you can get some instant nail art.  Removal is just using regular nail polish remover and isn’t difficult at all.


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