DIY OPI Black Spotted a.k.a. Frankenspotty

So… I really really want OPI Black Spotted but it’s only available in France and is silly money on eBay.  I wondered if I could make it myself somehow.  It looks like it’s made from two immiscible fluids (ones that don’t want to mix) so I had an hours play this afternoon.

I tried flicking acetone nail polish remover onto black polish to see if it would ‘eat’ some holes in it but it just sat on top = FAIL

I tried mixing black polish with acetone nail polish remover but it was just smelly = FAIL

I tried mixing black polish with quick dry drops but it kind of set in the dish and made a gloopy mess = FAIL

I tried putting quick dry drops over the base colour then adding the layer of black polish = NOT TOO BAD!


I used these products in this order:

One coat of OPI Year of the Dragon + One drop of Virgin Vie Quick Dry Drops + One’ish coat of Creative Voodoo (quite a thin black polish) + One coat of Seche Vite.

So it doesn’t have the spots as such but the effect is quite similar isn’t it?

Spurred on I tried the same over W7 Silver:


As I was on a roll I thought I’d try some cuticle oil to see how that went too = NOT TOO BAD!


I used these products in this order:

Nails Inc Old Bond St. + Decleor Aromessence Ongles + Creative Voodoo + Seche Vite

A little more tiger than spider perhaps?

Verdict: I’m positive this can be done but I just need to find the right mix!  Do you think it’s worth me mixing the polish + the oil together?

EDIT: I tried mixing with oil and it turned into a big gloopy mess, water was a little better so I will persevere with a water and nail drops mix somehow!


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