Nail Challenge Week 6: Violet

This week is violet – not sure where indigo went so I’ve decided to do a combination of the two so no colour feels left out.

My inspiration came from Nail Pron’s 80’s challenge which is a fabulous take on the traditional Louboutin manicure.



Violet (base) is a-england Lady Of The Lake and Indigo (bow and underside of the nail tip) is a-england Tristam.  I used some false nails for this challenge as my nails are quite short at the minute.  It did make it so much easier to polish the back of the nail tip as you can imagine.  The huge kawaii bow is from eBay… I wasn’t expecting something so massive to be honest.  They are white but take coloured polish well as you can see.  Another advantage of false nails – there’s no way I’d be able to live with the kawaii look as a regular manicure.


4 thoughts on “Nail Challenge Week 6: Violet

  1. I think that looks lovely, you should be dead proud.

    I love bows but couldn’t wear them as I would bite them off. I do it with gems and fimo too. I don’t even know I have done it.

    I did nearly buy a bow hair peice like lady gaga has, but didn’t have the guts to.

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