Meal Planning?

Well I’m on holiday in Orlando so I’m not going to join in Mrs M’s link party this week because I don’t have any intention of cooking this week!

I will however tell you what I had for breakfast at Denny’s this morning: French Toast with fresh banana slices on top, a sprinkling of icing sugar, caramel sauce and some crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage all washed down with strawberry smoothie.  It was very nice and after that lot it probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn I haven’t eaten anything else since (bar a Coke Float (is it a food or a drink?))!

After a trip to Disney World today we’re planning on ordering in some Chinese food in little square boxes and vegging in front of the TV to give us a rest.

For the rest of the week we’ve planned to try the following:

  • Tacos at Taco Bell
  • Snow Crab Legs at Red Lobster
  • Sushi
  • Ribs
  • Dunkin Donuts – as a snack rather than a main meal obviously

3 thoughts on “Meal Planning?

  1. Love snow crab legs! our US friends bought some up from RAF Mildenhall for me & DH. Next time you go try Moes, Zaxby’s or even Taco Bus… yummy food.

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