Meal Roundup

Well we’ve managed to get to Red Lobster (boy was I stuffed after that) but I’ve swapped out the Dunkin Donuts for some sugar and cinnamon Churros from ChurroMania and very nice they were too!

Also, when in Rome and all that, I picked up some PopTarts from Wallmart.  Limited edition Red, White and Blue (red ‘fruit’ filling with white star sprinkles on blue icing) and S’mores flavour.  Now, I’ve never tasted actual S’mores but the PopTarts were jolly nice this morning for breakfast.

I’ve actually been very pleasantly surprised by the high quality (and not too high a cost) of the snacks and drinks with the Disney theme parks.  They have some red berry ice lollies that taste like pureed fruit and today we bought a sausage sandwich which was a proper sausage inside of a french stick.  Strange but tasty!

A couple of things I do find very odd is the concept of salad coming before the meal rather than as an accompaniment and the potato or vegetable option with a main meal?  In the UK it’s a given that you’ll get something potato-y and veg, more likely a selection of seasonal veg.  Most kids menus we’ve seen in the US don’t even have the option of a veg so we’ve had to order a side of veg just for my daughter who adores her cooked vegetables.  I do like the option of milk as a kids drink though.

I’m loving all the options for iced tea and the frozen lemonade is to die for.


2 thoughts on “Meal Roundup

  1. The salads are usually huge too, especially in the steak houses such as Outback or Charlies…I’ve noticed that some of the steamed veg some places do have quite a substantial amount of salt or garlic on which my 2 wont touch.

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