Meal Planning

Well I’ve not done one of these in a while!  I have been meal planning but much more informally of late.  A combination of the change in seasons and holidays I think.

  • Mexican Pie/Lasagne
    Using an Old El Paso kit.  I’ll probably try a proper version in the future but my husband bought the kit.
  • Pie, Mash, Peas and Gravy
    Proper hearty food for the dismal weather we’re having!
  • Fresh Pasta
  • Steak with Blue Cheese, Wedges and sweetcorn
We’ve just filled our freezer with some delicious meat from the butchers and I picked up a cheap copy of Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain (Asda £7):
Jamie's Great Britain
Last week I made “Worcester Beef Sarnie” from the book.  It was okay but it wasn’t strong enough for me.  I did keep the stock for future use though and we had half of the brisket in sandwiches for work and half went into a beef curry.
Loads more recipes I want to try out over the coming weeks – Rabbit and Leek Pie, Pork Belly Roast yum.
Look out for my post on yoghurt making later this week too…

Nail Challenge Week 14: Flowers (Part 1)

Week 14: Patterns – Flowers (Part 1)

Right on time this week at least and I decided to have a go at Cath Kidston style nail art:


Base: George Smarty Pants

Flowers: Creative Trophy (the dark pink flower shaped splodges, Creative Bed of Roses (the light pink ‘c’ shapes applied with a fine nail art brush), OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window (the khaki coloured leaves)

Top Coat: Seche Vite

Verdict: Pretty easy actually.  They look quite difficult but I’d happily do a full set of these and they didn’t take long at all.  I’m very happy with the result.

There’s only one thing better than chocolate….

and that’s free chocolate!

I joined BzzAgent a few years ago but this is my first ever campaign for them.  I was sent two bars of the new Cadbury’s Dairy Milk flavours to try and then to tell the world about.  Well as you can see I thought I’d best take a photo before I consumed the lot lol.

What do I think of them?  I opened the biscuit version first and the bar is huge (200g) so I did manage to save some until my husband arrives home from work.  It is very very nice – I mean I love Dairy Milk and um, well I love biscuits too so it wasn’t a particular surprise that I’d like this bar. is it?

It will retail at around £2.25 per bar but Tesco will be doing them 2 for £3 until the 26th of September which is more the kind of price I’d pay for them personally.

I’ll let you know what we think of the popcorn one soon.

EDIT: Oh dear, seems my bzzing isn’t up to scratch – never mind.

Nail Challenge Week 13: Animal

Week 13: Patterns – Animal

A little late this week but better late than never huh?


Nails Inc nail wraps Leopard Print Gold Nail Wraps

Verdict: These are the type of nail wraps that are self adhesive but require heat to get the best finish.  I did try to follow the instructions but found it best to cut roughly to size, apply to the nail, file off the overhang and then apply heat to smooth out any wrinkles.  They give an okay finish (a little lumpy in places) and quick to do.  They’re great for covering up any chipped polish or peeling nails if you want a quick fix for a party or night out.

More Korres

Well I’ve been using my Korres shower gel for a couple of months now and I love it!  It foams well and doesn’t leave my skin dry plus I feel like I’m using a luxury brand even though it doesn’t have a luxury price tag.

I was about to buy some handwash for the bathroom dispenser and wondered if Korres did one and the answer was that they do.  As a bonus it’s cheaper per ml than L’Occitane handwash (which is what I’d usually buy) and even cheaper with 20% off thanks to a code I got though from HQhair.

Korres Sweet Almond Liquid Hand Soap (400ml)v’sSweet Almond Shea Butter Liquid Soap £9,83,1,29776,270286.htm £18

Okay so the packaging isn’t quite as posh but it’s going in a dispenser so I don’t care.  I hope it’s as good.

The only annoying thing about the showergel is that you can’t see how much is left and I’m doubtful I’ve got enough to last me through until I receive some (most probably) at Christmas so I also went for this gift set:

Korres Japanese Rose Body & Shower Collection £13.45

There was an offer to get a free Korres gift bag when you spend £25 on Korres products so I picked this up to put in the gift cupboard with the bag:

Korres Lip Butter - Pomegranate £5.09

Korres 2012 FABRIC BAG_pantone ref 507 (Pink) usually £10

I quite fancy trying a body scrub from the range but I’m very particular and hate scratchy scrubs.  Jojoba beads I’m usually fine with but I’m a bit wary of the ground bamboo?  Has anyone tried the scrubs?


Velvet Manicure

I’ve seen a fair few of these velvet or flocked nail manicures around the blogsphere but I’m way too stingy to buy some flocking powder, let alone the proper Ciate Velvet Manicure

I did come across a couple of blogs giving tips on making your own flocking powder using either a ribbon or some coloured card.  As I happened to have a piece of red ribbon on my craft desk I decided to give that a go first:

I used a pair of scissors to finely chop the ribbon onto some scrap paper.  I used about 3 inches of narrow ribbon and only managed to get enough for a couple of fingers!  The result was good though I will admit:


I used two coats of Rococo Bright Young Things and pressed on a ‘patch’ of flock into the wet polish.  After a couple of minutes I braved using a small brush to get rid of the excess.  Warning!  This is messy!  You can see how much flock is still around my fingers here:


Verdict:  Making your own flocking powder is a bit of a PIA but application is easy enough.  I will be looking out for offers on the Ciate Velvet kit.



Strike 1 – Wedge Hi Tops

I’ve been looking around the net for a cheaper alternative to the Ash wedge hi tops I posted on my autumn fashion wish list and could only find alternatives that weren’t quite what I was after for around £50-£60 i.e. what I would pay for classic ankle boots rather than one-season fashion wonders.

I popped into Matalan to buy a helium balloon (which they no longer stock) and came across these beauties for £22:


Don’t you just love it when that happens?

I can’t find them online unfortunately so I think they must be brand new in.

They’re very similar to Ash Bea in Prune:

Apart from the price obviously, and the fact they aren’t leather but I can live with that I think!

Matalan did have this pair online that I would have been torn over if they’d had both in store:

Hi Top Wedge Heel Boots

£22 again.  Not sure I like the white laces but at that price I could afford some new ones couldn’t I?

I also bought a set of underwear from eBay (don’t worry it was new with tags) so my budget now stands at….£200