Autumn [Fall] Fashion Wish List 2012

Casual Boots:

I always buy a new pair of boots each year and I’m fancying a pair of Ash Bowie wedge trainers to wear with jeans (skinny and bootcut/skinny flare) this year. I’ve been inspired by Doesmybumlook40’s Blog, despite the fact her legs look twice as long as mine (and her budget is probably twice mine too), so I may try these and think “nah, maybe not”. I was a bit worried that my wedge hating husband would laugh his socks off at these but I showed him a pair and he said they were okay (which is as much as he gets to saying shoes are nice unless they are ultra sexy and not remotely practical for doing a weekly food shop).  I’ll be looking for a much cheaper alternative though!


I have already had a pair of these wool tights by Levante and I love how warm and toasty they keep me.  The mocha colourway is actually more of a taupe and matches some Kurt Geiger patent shoes I have perfectly.  I’ve managed to pick up two pairs of bog standard opaques from George at Asda – one is purple/black reversible and the other is brown/black reversible.

Grey Dress:

The grey dress by Great Plains isn’t necessarily ‘the one’ but I do like the tone of the whole outfit so I’ve put it in more for inspiration. I’ve had a grey dress in the past and I’m not sure why but I rarely felt comfortable wearing it so again I’m not looking to spend too much on this item either.

A Splash of Colour:

Orange Textured Knit Sweater

I’ve been very tempted by this orange jumper from Wallis a couple of times but I just know I’ll be able to stack codes sometime between now and Christmas so fingers crossed I’ll be able to bag it at a bargain price. I’ve seen a lot of red and orange around for winter so this will fill that colour space perfectly (not that I don’t already have an orange blouse (again by Wallis) of course!

A Pattern to Tie It All Together:

Monochrome Snakeskin Print Scarf

The scarf shouldn’t really be on my wish list because I’ve already bought it (typically it’s now in the sale).  It is actually a mix of orange, khaki, black, chocolate and blush and has given me a great accessory to build my Autumn wardrobe around.

I also need some new undies and also some plain t’s or vests for layering and warmth.

Whilst we’re on the subject of seasonal fashion, I’ve been thinking about having a fall fashion budget after an article on Basic Cravings Blog piqued my interest. I’ve always tended to think of having more of a monthly fashion budget and I’ve tried reducing this, which worked for a while and then I had a binge, so thought I might just give a season budget a go and see if it saves me any money? So, I suppose I’d better write down my budget in black and white? I can always come back later and change it without anyone noticing right?

Okay then….drum roll please….my budget for Fall 2012 is….


– £20 for the scarf = £230 current amount available for fashion spending.  I am hoping to spend a little less but don’t want to set an unreasonably low budget and give up too early.


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