Nail Challenge Week 11: Polka Dots

Week 11: Patterns – Polka Dots

Well unfortunately this nail challenge has moved away from Money Saving Expert Forums because the powers that be have decided it’s against the rules for us to direct traffic towards our little nail blogs.  On the positive side one of the lovely nail polish addicts has set up a dedicated forum for all us addicts – feel free to pop along

Anyway.  Back to the challenge, which has moved into patterns this week.  I still haven’t ordered any nail art brushes or dotting tools so I cheated a little by using a nail wrap.


This one is Flirt Nail Bling by Fingrs and I applied it over a white base coat of OPI Alpine Snow.  It’s just like a regular nail sticker only big enough to cover the whole nail. It needs a good press down to get it flat.  I filed the free edge at 90 degrees to remove the excess wrap before sealing with a regular top coat.

Verdict: The dots are raised so it gives a cool 3D/textured effect.  Easy to apply and wasn’t too thin so I didn’t have to be too careful peeling it off the backing sheet and could be repositioned if I didn’t get it lined up perfectly first time.  This only cost a couple of dollars in Wal-Mart so it wouldn’t have been a huge disaster if it hadn’t worked.


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