Nail Challenge Week 12: Stripes

Week 12: Patterns – Stripes

I bought some striping tape a while back and wasn’t really inspired by it so it just sat there looking sparkly so far.  I decided to give it another try but

a) the pink striping tape I used bled into the grey base coat I was using and

b) I ended up accidentally brushing the finished effort into some not quite dry purple nail polish doh.

Before the purple polish accident I was quite happy with the result (it looked rather like a mans tie as I had put the tape on diagonally) so I was spurred on to try another combination:


Base: Nails Inc Floral Street left to dry overnight

Tape: White striping tape from eBay – this one didn’t bleed at least and I used it as a mask so the ends were left suitably long for easy removal.

Middle: Nails Inc Spitalfields.  I removed the tape whilst this was still wet.

Top: Urm, can’t quite remember which one I used as I have a few that give this pearl effect.  I didn’t really like the deep groves this method left so this was an attempt to disguise that.

Verdict: You may have noticed I used a false nail again and that’s because the application of tape in dead straight lines was really difficult!  It’s definitely something that needs a steady hand and lots of practice added to the fact the base coat must be completely dry or the tape will pull it off.


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