Shopping Lists?

So, my very exciting thought of the morning is about shopping lists, particulalry the weekly food variety.  How do you do yours?

We painted a chalk board in the kitchen so we could write down things we are running out of and I transfer that to a sheet of memo block paper (now I only forget things 25% of the time rather than 50%).  On the back side I do a basic menu plan for the week to make sure I’ve not forgotten to add something important like chicken when that’s what I’m planning to eat that week.

But… there are things that need to go on the list every single week like bread, milk, juice, cereal so I was wondering whether to get a pad that’s pre-printed with the basics and in a rough order like dried goods, tins, frozen stuff etc?  In time I guess this could be double sided so I could rotate menu plans on a two-monthly or seasonal basis?

Does anyone have any bright ideas (and hopefully time saving ones too!) they’d like to share?


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