Strike 1 – Wedge Hi Tops

I’ve been looking around the net for a cheaper alternative to the Ash wedge hi tops I posted on my autumn fashion wish list and could only find alternatives that weren’t quite what I was after for around £50-£60 i.e. what I would pay for classic ankle boots rather than one-season fashion wonders.

I popped into Matalan to buy a helium balloon (which they no longer stock) and came across these beauties for £22:


Don’t you just love it when that happens?

I can’t find them online unfortunately so I think they must be brand new in.

They’re very similar to Ash Bea in Prune:

Apart from the price obviously, and the fact they aren’t leather but I can live with that I think!

Matalan did have this pair online that I would have been torn over if they’d had both in store:

Hi Top Wedge Heel Boots

£22 again.  Not sure I like the white laces but at that price I could afford some new ones couldn’t I?

I also bought a set of underwear from eBay (don’t worry it was new with tags) so my budget now stands at….£200


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