Velvet Manicure

I’ve seen a fair few of these velvet or flocked nail manicures around the blogsphere but I’m way too stingy to buy some flocking powder, let alone the proper Ciate Velvet Manicure

I did come across a couple of blogs giving tips on making your own flocking powder using either a ribbon or some coloured card.  As I happened to have a piece of red ribbon on my craft desk I decided to give that a go first:

I used a pair of scissors to finely chop the ribbon onto some scrap paper.  I used about 3 inches of narrow ribbon and only managed to get enough for a couple of fingers!  The result was good though I will admit:


I used two coats of Rococo Bright Young Things and pressed on a ‘patch’ of flock into the wet polish.  After a couple of minutes I braved using a small brush to get rid of the excess.  Warning!  This is messy!  You can see how much flock is still around my fingers here:


Verdict:  Making your own flocking powder is a bit of a PIA but application is easy enough.  I will be looking out for offers on the Ciate Velvet kit.




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