More Korres

Well I’ve been using my Korres shower gel for a couple of months now and I love it!  It foams well and doesn’t leave my skin dry plus I feel like I’m using a luxury brand even though it doesn’t have a luxury price tag.

I was about to buy some handwash for the bathroom dispenser and wondered if Korres did one and the answer was that they do.  As a bonus it’s cheaper per ml than L’Occitane handwash (which is what I’d usually buy) and even cheaper with 20% off thanks to a code I got though from HQhair.

Korres Sweet Almond Liquid Hand Soap (400ml)v’sSweet Almond Shea Butter Liquid Soap £9,83,1,29776,270286.htm £18

Okay so the packaging isn’t quite as posh but it’s going in a dispenser so I don’t care.  I hope it’s as good.

The only annoying thing about the showergel is that you can’t see how much is left and I’m doubtful I’ve got enough to last me through until I receive some (most probably) at Christmas so I also went for this gift set:

Korres Japanese Rose Body & Shower Collection £13.45

There was an offer to get a free Korres gift bag when you spend £25 on Korres products so I picked this up to put in the gift cupboard with the bag:

Korres Lip Butter - Pomegranate £5.09

Korres 2012 FABRIC BAG_pantone ref 507 (Pink) usually £10

I quite fancy trying a body scrub from the range but I’m very particular and hate scratchy scrubs.  Jojoba beads I’m usually fine with but I’m a bit wary of the ground bamboo?  Has anyone tried the scrubs?



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